Meet your new fitness (and business) bestie.

Trust me - I’m not your average fitness guru!

Nope, no six pack abs, no “my way or the highway” approaches and definitely no “clean eating” found here. Who eats food that has dirt on it anyway??

I’m known for my fun music-led workouts and upBEat personality. My mission is to help YOU find the JOY in your journey. A zero-fad approach to fitness is my jam. But it wasn’t always this way…

I was a professional ballroom dancer for years. You’ve seen Dancing with the Stars, right? Yep, that was pretty much my life. But I became totally unhappy, and decided to leave the industry. After a rough few years of figuring out what to do next, I gained more than 25 kilos (50 pounds!) and lost my identity, passion, and purpose. I went from one extreme to the next in my relationship with food and fitness, and I felt so unaligned.

I was definitely not living my most upbeat life.

But after a lot of little revelations (and one serendipitous trip back to the dance studio), I realized that movement is supposed to bring us joy. So I began doing the work to feel more in tune with my body. At the time I didn’t know my personal process to getting back to my full potential would become what’s now the methods I teach at Up to the Beat in my Zero2Thrive 30 Day challenges.

I had to go through that unbalance to find balance again. And that lived experience helps me relate to the women I serve every day. I show them that it’s more about your state of being than a number on the scale. I’m passionate about showing women that their fitness journey can look however they want it to
— but whatever it looks like, it should feel good!


As an experienced ballroom dancer, CERTIFIED fitness trainer, health educator, and business owner, Gina is often invited to speak to the following topics:

“Have Your Cake and Lose Weight, Too “ (a back-to-basics approach to nutrition)

"The Trifecta of Success" (the three components necessary to experience long-lasting change in your health journey)

"The Power of Movement for Joy" (pushing back against the cultural norm of needing to feel pain to gain)

“How to Build a Business You Love” (three ways to maintain your joy and integrity when building a service-based business-- a talk for budding female entrepreneurs)



High-energy workouts for the modern women

Gina’s Youtube community of 90k+ subscribers can expect weekly videos of both high and low-impact workouts that help them enjoy fun movement from the comfort of their homes. All workouts are designed according to Gina’s expertise and technical training to help women experience their best possible outcomes (and having fun while doing it!).


Personalized coaching with her popular challenges

The Zero2Thrive program equips women with foundational knowledge and practical skills to take control of their health and fitness journeys. Inclusive of e-books, customized calendars, and LIVE weekly masterclasses with Gina, the Zero2Thrive program is one of her favorite ways to serve.


Speaking at events to inspire women to take fearless action toward their dreams

When Gina isn’t leading courageous conversations on the Girl Interrupted podcast, she’s sought after for her insight on how to confidently and authentically manage a business while maintaining a healthy, soulful, and inspired life.